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HRNJ-Uganda alert, armed policeman assaults a journalist, as another survives a gun shot

Hoima, 24th/July/2014; On 23/July/2014 an armed policeman in Hoima assaulted Geoffrey Tumwesigye a journalist working for Bunyoro telev....Read full story | More photos

Hoima, 24th/July/2014; On 23/July/2014 an armed policeman in Hoima assaulted Geoffrey Tumwesigye a journalist working for Bunyoro television and Liberty radio, accusing him of recording a scuffle between policemen and angry butcher men at Hoima Central market in Western Uganda, while another journalist Vincent Arinaitwe of Liberty FM radio, claimed being shot at as he was covering the same incident, but survived narrowly.

The journalists told Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) that the police officers were engaged in a scuffle with the local butcher men who were protesting against the newly introduced levies and regulations by the Hoima Municipal Council authorities

“while I was recording the scuffle, an armed policeman emerged from behind slapped my left upper jaw when I turned to see him, he slapped me again and said, who called you here, what are you doing, why are you recording us, stop while trying to grab my camera. When I declined surrendering it, I was slapped again however I managed to escape.” Tumwesigye told HRNJ-Uganda.


Amidst the chaos, Arinaitwe claims he was shot at as he crossed over to the police side, “I narrowly escaped a gun shot fired at me which instead hit the ground causing dust to cover my shoes.  I managed to get.........Full Story here

Kampala, 23rd July 2014;  A former student of Old Kampala Senior Secondary School, Vanessa Nimukunda has pinned her former teacher, Ataremwa Justus in an assault case of a Vision Group Journalist, Mathias Ssebwato Kavubu

During her examination, Nimukunda told the Makerere-based Law Development Centre Court, presided over by Grade One Magistrate Shwanda  Nkore, that on 17th October 2012, she saw Ataremwa physically assaulting the journalist, “….there after Mr. Ataremwa held the journalist by the shirt, kicked and slapped him on the cheeks until he almost fell down”, said Nimukunda  in her testimony.

She said this happened after Ataremwa Justus, the examinations master at the school had denied her permission to do her Uganda Certificate of Education examinations under unclear circumstances, which prompted her to call her elder sister, Samantha Nimukunda who arrived at the School at about 9:00 am and met the School administration. In the process, the sisters called Bukedde TV to cover the story about the conduct of the school administration, which resulted in Sebwato coming to the school at about 11:00 am, with a video camera to cover the news......Full story here














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