Monthly Archives: September 2012

NTV Journalist Injured by Angry Residents

Mbale, 13th/September/ 2012; a journalist was injured by an angry mob in Mbale district as he covered a news story as angry residents protested a move to construct a water dam in the area along River Manafwa. David Wandeka, a correspondent in Eastern Uganda for a private television station NTV, was hit by a stone

Police’s Failure to Arrest City Mayor over Journalist Assault

Kampala, 11th September 2012; Human Rights Network for journalists-Uganda is disappointed by the police’s failure to arrest the City Mayor Godfrey Nyakaana Amooti to appear in court for assaulting a journalist.On 13th July 2012, Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Mary Eleanor Khainza issued an arrest warrant against Nyakaana after he failed to honor criminal summons issued