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Press statement: For immediate release

Press statement: For immediate release

Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) is extremely concerned with the superfluous and uncalled for politicization and criminalization of the media by ‘labeling’ journalists ‘pro-Mbabazi’ to mean that they are inclined and supporters of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi. This unjustified labeling of journalists has sent shock waves, caused panic and

Remarks by By Margaret Sekaggya Executive Director Human Rights Centre Uganda at Launch of the HRNJ-U Press Freedom Index Report 2013.

Journalists and the media continue to remain one of the most targeted groups of defenders all over the globe, and not just in Uganda. This report however elaborates in detail on the kinds of violations that journalists in Uganda faced in 2013, the persons responsible for these violations, the areas of specific target,and the lacuna’s

Press statement: For immediate release

Tuesday, 04th March, 2014 Press statement: For immediate release Space for journalists to operate freely in Uganda has continued to narrow down according to the Press Freedom Index Report, 2013, an annual assessment of media rights violations and attacks against journalists released by Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda). “The increasing restrictions on freedom of

HRNJ-Uganda alert, Court adjourns a journalist’s assault and robbery case against a security guard.

Iganga, 5th /February/2014; Court in Iganga has adjourned a case in which a Redppeper journalist, Solomon Hamala was allegedly assaulted by Kemba Azizi, a security guard attached to Accurate Security Services Ltd. Due to a high number of civil cases before her, the presiding Magistrate Sylvia Nvanungi could not hear all the criminal cases that

HRNJ-Uganda alert, security guard charged and remanded over assault and robbery of a journalist

Iganga, 22nd/January/2014; Court in Iganga on 22nd/Jan/2014 remanded a security guard, Kemba Azizi, 25 years of age, over alleged assault of a Red Pepper journalist, Solomon Hamala. This was after he denied charges of assault and simple robbery before the Iganga Chief Magistrate Susan Kanyange. Prosecution led by Aryongo Josephine alleges that on 13th/January/2014 Kemba