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Information quarantine: How the suppression of information is shaping the coronavirus outbreak in Iran

This statement was originally published on on 27 February 2020. The coronavirus outbreak in Iran is an international cause for concern. The Government’s mismanagement and lack of transparency, coupled with international sanctions that affect the free flow of information, is creating a massive health crisis for both Iranians and the international community. At its

Togo’s polling day marred by the shutting down of the internet

This statement was originally published on on 28 February 2020. On February 22, 2020, the Togolese went to the polls in a much-anticipated presidential election that eventually extended the mandate of incumbent President Faure Gnassingbe for another five years. According to the results of the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), the candidate for the Union

Democracy and digital rights under scrutiny during Malawi’s UPR process

This statement was originally published on on 21 February 2020. On February 3, 2020 Malawi scored a victory for democracy when the Constitutional Court nullified the May 2019 presidential elections and ordered for fresh polls within 150 days. In that time, the country will also undergo its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by the Human