Any upcoming or practicing journalist and any person who shares the same cause with HRNJ-Uganda has a right to become a member of HRNJ-Uganda provided he/she undertakes to protect and promote the necessary obligations provided in the HRNJ-Uganda constitution.

HRNJ-Uganda membership consists of:

  1. Ordinary members who have paid up their annual subscription and membership fees as laid out under HRNJ-Uganda’s Constitution. This membership is renewable annually.
  2. Associate members who belong to other professions and paid up their membership at a fee as provided in the constitution.
  3. Honorary members, who shall be all members. other life members or ordinary members, who may be nominated by the board of executives.

To register as a member download the membership form here. Fill it and send it to [email protected] For membership payments please contact the secretariat at 0800144155 for procedures on how to process your payments.