Belarus: Approximately 50 journalists detained in one day

This statement was originally published on on 28 August 2020.

On August 27, 2020, the police detained journalists covering events on Freedom and Independence Square in Minsk.

They were taken to Kastrychnitski police department for a check of their IDs. Altogether, about 50 journalists were detained. The police released most of them after checking their documents. However, four journalists refused to give their smartphones to police for a check-up. Therefore, the police drew up reports with charges of participation in an unauthorized mass action. Katsiaryna Andreyeva, Maksim Harchanok, Aliaksandr Vasiukovich, and Andrei Yarashevich were left in custody until trial.

Swedish journalist Paul Hansen will be deported. Swedish ambassador to Belarus Christina Johannesson came to the Kastrychnitski police station where the journalists were kept. Paul Hansen is to leave Belarus tomorrow. He is banned from travelling to Belarus for 5 years.

BelaPAN journalist Tatsiana Karavenkova was taken to hospital by an ambulance.

The following journalists were detained:

Uladz Hrydzin, RFE/RL

Zakhar Shcharbakou, BelaPAN

Siarhei Satsiuk, BelaPAN

Vadzim Zamirouski, TUT.BY

Stanislau Sharshukou, TUT.BY

Vasil Fedasenka, Reuters

Aliaksandr Vasiukovich, photographer

Nadzeya Buzhan, Nasha Niva

Dzmitry Lavetski, AP

Katsiaryna Andreyeva, Belsat

Maksim Kalitouski, Belsat

Uladzimir Kostsin, Reuters

Sergey Bobylev, TASS

Evgeniy Odinokov, RIA Novosti

Pavel Martsinchyk, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi

Dzmitry Stseshyn, Komsomolskaya Pravda

Yauhen Yerchak, photographer

Anastasia Reznikava, Belsat

Siarhei Kavaliou, Belsat

Aliaksandr Ziankou, Belsat

Andrei Rabchyk, RFE/RL

Aleh Hruzdzilovich, RFE/RL

Viktar Drachou

Paul Hansen, photographer, Sweden

Liosha Sudnikau, TUT.BY

Pavel Dabravolski

Tatsiana Karavenkova, BelaPAN

Aliaksandra Bahuslauskaya, DW

Liza Vereikina, BBC

Steve Rosenberg, BBC

Kate Peters, BBC

Anton Chicherov, BBC

Elena Vasiljeva, Sputnik

Andrzej Zaucha, TVN Poland

Antonina Matveeva,

Vital Aliakhnovich, Onliner

Aliaksandr Ruzhachka, Onliner

Siarhei Ptushka, Onliner

Ales Dashchynski, RFE/RL

Siarhei Gapon, AFP

In Brest, TUT.BY journalist Stanislau Korshunou was released.

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