HRNJ-Uganda alert, Court adjourns a journalist’s assault and robbery case against a security guard.

Iganga, 5th /February/2014; Court in Iganga has adjourned a case in which a Redppeper journalist, Solomon Hamala was allegedly assaulted by Kemba Azizi, a security guard attached to Accurate Security Services Ltd.
Due to a high number of civil cases before her, the presiding Magistrate Sylvia Nvanungi could not hear all the criminal cases that had been slated for 5th February 2014. She advised the complainant- Hamala to produce his witnesses on 20th February 2014 the date on which the case was adjourned.
Hamala -a journalist with Red Pepper Publications was allegedly assaulted by Kemba Azizi and Isiko Yakubu who is still at large on 13th January 2014. The journalist was covering a story of a demonstration by Iganga kiosk owners against the intended demolition of their kiosks by the Iganga Municipal Council authorities.
Last week, Isiko eluded police arrest when he disappeared from his hiding place ahead of the arrival by the police. HRNJ-Uganda, together with other area journalists are following up the matter, and urges the police to step up their efforts to arrest Isiko to face trial.


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