IFEX-ALC calls for investigation into possible act of retaliation against CAinfo’s work

IFEX-ALC is concerned over the 11 July theft of computers and an external hard drive from the home of CAinfo president Fabián Werner and his partner, journalist María Natalia Rodríguez.

The theft took place within a context of increasing hostility against the media in Uruguay, which was highlighted by CAinfo in its 7th Threats Monitoring Report. In the report, CAinfo documented 49 cases of threats against freedom of expression between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021.

We call on the Uruguayan authorities, particularly the police and Public Prosecutor’s Office, to conduct a prompt investigation into the theft and to determine whether the crime was perpetrated in retaliation for the work that Werner and Rodríguez carry out as members of CAinfo.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has noted that compliance with the state’s obligation to investigate offences committed against human rights defenders, when conducted in a diligent manner, represents an important measure for preventing and guarding against the repetition of these crimes. This involves carrying out serious, independent, transparent and timely investigations to identify and prosecute those responsible for such crimes, and includes the provision of adequate reparations to the victims.

We highlight the fact that civil society organisations play a key role in awareness raising, requesting and exchanging information and promoting democracy and responsible governance. In addition to contributing to a healthy democratic environment, civil society organisations stimulate resilient and innovative community responses to health crises, while also defending human rights and strengthening the voices of marginalized groups.



IFEX-ALC, which forms part of the global IFEX network, is comprised of 24 organisations in 14 Latin American and Caribbean countries dedicated to defending freedom of expression and press freedom.

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