Public Order Management Act 2013)

The POMA was enacted to provide a regulatory framework for public assemblies. It however gives wide discretionary powers to the Uganda Police Force to deny and disperse any assemblies. It controls rather than regulates assemblies when it subjects free expression to the whims of the Inspector General of Police to determine whether people as individuals or collectively as associations can freely exercise the freedom of expression. It goes beyond to control the content of the meeting or gathering- discussions on politics or examining the performance of the elected government, not least its failures. The law contravenes Articles 20 (1) (2) and 29 (1) (d) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda for its provisions reverse a Constitutional Court ruling which repealed sections 32 (2) of the Police Act that granted the police powers to prohibit public assemblies and processions in the case of Muwanga Kivumbi vs Attorney General.24