A police officer pulling a journalist Kenneth Kazibwe at Naguru police headquarters.

Journalists have on the 19th April 2018 are contemplating to take major steps against on going infringement of media freedoms by the police among which is a peaceful boycott of all police events.
This immanent move is in response to continued violation of their rights particularly in relation to denied access to news scenes by police and its affiliated agencies.

Many journalists were denied access to the premises of the police court where it was due to issue judgment against it’s officer Muhammed Kirumira the former DPC of Buyende police station.

A number of them were assaulted at the venue by the guarding officers. This act by police and its officers is a continued pattern that has persisted and is an infringement of freedom of expression and information that is guaranteed in the constitution.

While several options for addressing gross attacks by the police on journalists are being explored, we find an all encompassing boycott of police activities will contribute to a self reflection on the part of the police and will afford journalists with the due respect and uphold their constitutional rights!


Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) is a network of human rights journalists in Uganda working towards enhancing the promotion, protection and respect of human rights through defending and building the capacities of journalists, to effectively exercise their constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms for collective campaigning through the media.

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