Palestine: Security forces brutally clamp down on protesters and journalists

This statement was originally published on on 27 June 2021.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the attacks on citizens and journalists in recent days by the Palestinian security services, during their coverage of peaceful marches. The marches erupted in separate areas across the West Bank in protest against the murder of political activist Nizar Banat after his arrest by the Palestinian security services. MADA Center also condemns the infringements on the media freedom of journalists during the performance of their duty and their work in the field.

MADA Center views with great seriousness the dangerous deterioration in freedom of expression, which is now subject to serious violations by security agencies that are supposed to provide protection for citizens, journalists and media workers, and not violate their rights.

The attacks by the security services during recent days affected at least five journalists. These attacks varied from detention, as happened with journalist Ahmed Al-Sarafandi on Thursday evening, the confiscation of equipment, and physical attacks such as beating, as happened with Quds News Network reporter Najla Zaitoun who was attacked twice in a row, journalist Shatha Hammad and others.

MADA Center stresses the need to protect the right of citizens to express their opinions freely, and renews its demand for a formation of an independent investigation committee to investigate the murder of Nizar Banat and the attacks on journalists and citizens during peaceful marches, in order to work towards justice and rights, and prevent the situation from getting worse.

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