Advocacy and networking

This entails the Organisation undertaking advocacy campaigns to influence legal and policy issues pertinent to the oversight role enjoyed by the media in Uganda. HRNJ-Uganda will undertake different forms of advocacy that include; legal advocacy and Media advocacy and legislative advocacy at national, regional and international levels depending on the nature of the problem being addressed and will engage at a level that adds value to the work of human rights journalists or where critical mass is of consequence. HRNJ-Uganda will engage in both proactive and reactive advocacy. Reactive advocacy is necessitated by the fluidity, caprice and precariousness of the human rights situation in Uganda. Further, HRNJ-Uganda will involve NETWORKING as an important element for collaboration with other civil society organisations at large working on common issues of concern to our society which is capable of building a critical group of taking actions in defence of human rights in Uganda. HRNJ-Uganda will undertake thematic area interventions including;, logging cases with courts of law and Human Rights Tribunals and petitioning key institutions that matter in reversing appalling situations of human rights e.g. parliament.

HRNJ-Uganda will offer free legal support and representation, financial assistance to journalists in the crises to build their confidence, safety and security as a way of enhancing their voices and other activists that will create enabling environment in which all the citizens of Uganda will enjoy their fundamental human rights. Also, HNRJ-Uganda will establish a fund for Journalists who are facing state persecution and in need of eminent evacuation for their safety. Finally we shall make numerous analyses about the performance of the institutions responsible for governance.