Legal Defence and support

This entails that the organisation will offer free legal services to journalists and some members of the society who are at risk as a result of expressing themselves on issues that concern them. The organisation will undertake different forms of legal defence through internal and external legal teams mainly to save journalists from harassment, unlawful arrest and detention, intimidation, use of defective charges against them and persecution among others. These will include; direct legal representation to quickly rescue any journalist at police for interrogation or in courts of law facing criminal charges and civil suits due to the nature of their work.

Strategic litigation that will offer to challenge government actions that undermine the right to freedom of expression, access to information, speech and media freedom at national, regional and international level. Defence work will build confidence among journalists while doing their day-to-day work and members of the society to be able to demand for an accountable and transparent leadership. It will bolster journalists’ safety  and security while doing their work. Support to journalists is a very crucial mechanism to fight impunity. Many perpetrators of violence against journalists have gone scot-free due to their political connections or economical muscles in the country. The organisation will provide lawyers to victim journalists to pursue criminal and civil charges against individual perpetrators.