Research and Documentation

This entails undertaking research and documenting human right violations, monitoring and reporting to treaty and regional bodies on the country’s performance in regard to the international human rights instruments. The organisation will also introduce a Media Accountability Annual reports on top of press freedom Index report that have been released by the organisation since 2009. This audit report is intended to check media professionalism and whom the media is accountable to and highlight media development in the country.

HRNJ-Uganda will run a toll free helpline and introduce field monitors in all regions in the country to monitor press freedom, document freedom of expression related cases and will be commissioning numerous investigative missions on national topical and human rights at large which shall be widely documented and used as evidences in courts of law, for reporting and media and other campaigns.

Because of the strategic linkages between HNRJ-Uganda and Media Houses in Uganda, HRNJ-Uganda will expose such violations and other practices of the state that demonstrate compelling elements of Human Rights violations. and also to refer cases that need special treatment to human rights organisations such as Foundational for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) Human Rights Network – Uganda (HURINET) African centre for rehabilitation and treatment of tortured victims (ACTV) and other partners at the national, regional and international levels. These strategic interventions will require strengthening of the document centre and the research capacity of the HRNJ-Uganda.