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UCC’s action on radio Hoima unwarranted

UCC’s action on radio Hoima unwarranted

This statement was originally published on the Daily Monitor on 19 June 2017 The Uganda Communications Commission’s recent move to take Radio Hoima off air for two days was an abuse of media freedom and the right to free expression. The move raises serious concerns on the manner in which UCC is exercising its powers.

Uganda Communications Commission headquarters

UCC finds radio station innocent, switches it back on after two million shillings payment

HOIMA, 30th /May 2017; Radio Hoima, in Western Uganda, was last night switched back on air by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) after paying two million shillings (US$ 550). The radio was arbitrarily switched off air for allegedly broadcasting sectarian statements. “We were directed to appear before UCC within 60 days. Yesterday I went with